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Writer's Block: The start of something wonderful

What is your favorite opening line of a book, and why?

"It was a pleasure to burn.
It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed."

Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury

How can you not love a book that starts like that? Its one of my favorites, and this line speaks to my pyromaniac side. Its definitely a classic that is still relevant today, and more people should read this book.

Writer's Block:

Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

I adore fanfiction!! Of course I'm a little biased, what with the fact that I've written some... but regardless, LOVE.  I think its mostly because no matter how much I adore the story, I want more. Or something that wouldn't actually occur in the story (looks at icon). Everyone's gonna find something that they wish was part of the story that isn't, and a good story will set your mind in motion. So basically fanfiction is just the fans showing their love for their show/book/comic/whatever. :)

Writer's Block: What Kind of Wonderful?

I have two favorite holiday-themed movies. The first is "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby. I used to hate this movie simply because it had Bing in it and my mother adores this movie (and Bing for that matter), but over the years it has grown on me. When I first went to college I discovered the theater near campus played old movies, and every year they'd play "White Christmas" so I took my friend to see it, since she had never seen it. From then on it became a tradition. Every year we'd go see "White Christmas" on the big screen. Its a wonderful movie simply because you can sing along, and enjoy the music and the dancing from old Hollywood. My other favorite holiday movie is "Holiday Inn," another Bing Crosby movie, but this one has Fred Astaire. I LOVE Fred Astaire. So naturally I fell in love with this classic black and white. The dancing is phenomenal, and the music is a lot of fun. Plus it can be applicable to just about every American holiday, and really, what other movie could you do that with?