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Wow. I haven't done such crunching since college... I just finished my BigBang after a frantic 48 hours. That's right, I started and completed it in two days, with two hours to spare, and a lot of stalling. I'm actually really proud of what I have written. I'm super excited to take a break, step away from it for a while and then come back to it and tweak it. Sure its not the longest thing ever, but its all mine. So awesome to have completed. If the mods ok it, that would be even better. :)  Wow. This is totally awesome.


What a crazy past three days. Wow. Where to start. Monday was my birthday. It was rather anti-climactic but it was nice to not do anything. I made myself a cake, which was awesome. We did go out for dinner, my parents and grandparents. The restaurant had a special on bottles of wine.... half price. So I got a nice rose. Everyone (except my dad had a little bit for a toast) but the rest of the bottle was mine. I am not ashamed to say I pretty much finished it on my own. It was my birthday. Then we went home for cake and my friend Jamie joined us for that. Was pretty nice.

Of course it would figure that I would get called in for work the next day. I was back with my little first graders so I was super excited. But the lesson plans got lost in the interwebs. So I winged it. That was an interesting experience. The only time I felt really insecure about it was after lunch. But everything went well and the kids were pretty well behaved so it was all good. It was just super stressful.

And today, we woke up under snow. They're saying its about a foot and a half, but we've got all this drifting. Its pretty insane. I'm posting pics since its nuts.

Ski Laufen

So yesterday I did my best impression of a snow bunny. My sister asked me to go snowboarding with her, and since its something I've been wanting to try I told her I'd totally do it.  .... I've never snowboarded before. My sister drove (mistake) in my car (luckily not a mistake) up to Wisconsin. We missed our turn, took a detour through Lake Geneva, had to double back (going East and we needed West) and nearly missed the turn onto the highway. Gotta love driving with my directionally challenged sister....

So we rented snowboards, and got half-day passes on the beginners hills (yay). My sister sucks as a teacher. According to her snowboarding was easier for her (I would like to say that she fell... a lot) than skiing, even though she was better at skiing. So I went with her on snowboarding. I hated it. Two feet strapped to one board? Not fun. It was hard to shuffle onto the conveyor belt, hard to stand, I couldn't turn at all, and I didn't like how fast I felt like I was going (down the bunny hill... stopping every few seconds... falling down a lot....). So I switched to skiis. I like skiis. Two feet, two boards, two poles. It felt much better than that freaking snowboard. Not as cool, but much better.

We took a few more runs down the bunny hill (in which I had issues turning, but as soon as my body realized I had to lean and turn with my knees I was alright) and then decided to go down the "Easy" Hill. I forgot about my irrational and sometimes paralyzing fear of falling through things (high things. Its not all about the height, its the fact that at any second something could give way and I would plummet to my death that freaks me out). I had some issues breathing and trying not to look down, or up... and closing my eyes made it worse. Not fun. But while the trip up was totally horrid, the trip down was fun. I didn't fall at all. I made successful turns and I stopped at the bottom (always good, especially since there was a little creek about oh thirty feet from the bottom of the hill and not stopping would have dropped you on that sucker). My sister apparently fell a few times on the way down. She asked if I was ok to go up again and I told her I would tough it out.

I have no idea how many times we went up and down, but we decided to take a break and warm up. We probably should have either not taken the break or called it quits. When we returned to the slopes, we did about four more runs. I fell on three of them, and my sister hit so hard on the third one that she said we were gonna call it quits. Poor baby. But she was opptimistic and wanted to see if she could go down without falling. She also said if she fell one more time that would be it. So we went once more. I had a painful wipeout coming round the curve thanks to trying to avoid some beginners (parents teaching little kid). Knocked my pole  into my wrist pretty bad. Was not cool. My sister, however, did not fall and was thusly happy. :) 

All in all, I had fun. Other than hating snowboards, and working through my fears (thanks chairlift of scaryness, seriously... there's nothing in front of you. One jolting stop and you'd fly to the ground....) it was pretty awesome. I had a good time, and discovered a love for skiing (even though I've been sort of interested in it for a long time). My poor sister though... poor thing was sore and is covered in bruises. Apparently it hurts to sit.