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Yeah, I'm totally not focusing right now, so I figured I'd at least continue writing. :/

So here's the big news: I had two interviews. Woo. I had one last week on Thurs, and one on Wednesday this week. Both for k-12 music jobs. Both in super small towns in middle Illinois. So I wasn't really sure how that first one went, right? It was after all, my first interview ever. They were very professional, and I was all frazzled. Yeah, it probably didn't go that well. But I did get to hang with my cousin, which was awesome. She's great, and super understanding of all my crazy. So yeah. Interview. Then I got to visit my friend who's moving to Florida (luck girl!). It was nice to see her one last time before he big move. :)

This last interview went much better. I think it was partially the people. They were very pleasant and didn't seem to mind my general crazy. I thought it went well. I mean, I did the best I could really, so who knows? I'm sure I had my cons and my pros. Though I would like to say that it took like, three hours. Which is obscenely long. Granted, it was like two interviews at once (since I talked to both the elementary and high school principals). Did I mention super small school? Both schools are in one building. Tiny. But cute. They're supposed to have a really good music program, so I'm not holding my breath that I'll get the job.

The next big thing: BIGBANG '11. Yeah. I've had this idea in my head for about a year now (ever since season 5 ended). I have not written anything. I need 20,000 words by tomorrow at midnight. Yeah. So I started today. Which is ok by me, because I generally work well under pressure, but this is kind of insane. INSANE. .... right. Current status: 5000/20,000 words. Plot progress: not even at the meat of the story yet. Le Sigh. Odds of me finishing? 50/50? Who knows.

The only other thing I've got to say is that I'm taking the Gin to the vet... again. My little problem bunny. The poor thing has this giant sore or something right behind her ear. Its really ugly. I'm hoping its not something bad.... but I'm not freaking out too much, after all, the last time I brought her in b/c she had these bald spots turned out to be nothing, so here's to hoping this is just more of the same. Poor baby. :(


It is time for the annual baking of a million cookies. I have a list and all the supplies. I'm totally ready. Thing is either the cookie trays or the oven hate me. No matter what I do, I burn all my cookies.... Its like there's a conspiracy or something. Seriously. I know the oven runs a good 18 degrees hot, so I turned down the temp by 15 degrees (freaking runs in multiples of fives). Burnt cookies. I shorten cooking times: burnt and slightly uncooked cookies..... Rawr. Frustration is rampant. I have like 12 recipes to make and I'm having no luck. I'm thinking of taking a cookie break. Then turning it down by 20, and rotating them and putting in one tray at a time. Or something. I just want them to stop burning!!!! On the positive side though, the "black & white hearts" turned out really yummy and as soon as I have wax paper (I swear that was on the shopping list....) I will make a second yummy batch (1st batch only made 11 cookies which isn't even a dozen thanks to my giant heart shaped cookie cutter).

In other news, the Gin is on meds. Again. Seriously, my girls have been having such issues! First the Honey-bunny had a UT infection, then they got spayed, and now has the mysterious something that means she has bald spots on her knees/sides. So the poor thing is on meds for pain and to ward off infection. She hates meds. So I'm being sneaky with them. Meds in morning OJ, and then meds in a fruit smoothie at night since she won't take the meds all by their lonesome and I dislike scaring her for life by cornering her and shoving them down her throat. Poor baby. The vet and I don't even know why its happening, just that it isn't a parasite (mites, fleas). The Honey-bunny is fine though (yay) and is enjoying all the yummy non-drug-laced treats.

And just because: the bunnies attacking for food:

bunny whee!


oh the bunnies. My silly little girls. They love to destroy things. I like watching them destroy things. Its adorable! They don't go as gung-ho as they used to (oh the chaos!!) but its still really funny to watch. So we had a big box in the living room today, and what do the bubbies do? ATTACK!  Adorable! I took video, because I could. I think that's a good enough reason. :D

Poor Babies

My poor bunnies. I finally took them in to get fixed yesterday. :(  I was trying not to be a nervous wreck (after all I know its supposed to be a routine proceedure) but I know that there are bad things that can happen.

So first of all I had to get them in their carrier..... I've never really had issues with that... until yesterday. Its like they knew they weren't going to like this particular trip (not that they like any of their trips....) and thusly: would not cooperate! The Gin was a sweetheart (at first) she went in, she even let me put her in (after she hopped out) but the Honey-bunny was being a brat. She would not go in! So I chased her around for like 8mins. When I finally got her in I zipped her in... which was an issue because the Gin was still wandering free.... and then I stupidly opened the door and BAM! free bunny running in the kitchen.... I had to recruit help. I snagged the Gin, Grandma opened the carrier and I stuffed her in. Not happy bunnies....

We dropped the girls off, I tried to distract myself until work, and then called the vet at 3:30 before leaving for work. They told us when to pick them up. Since I work an 8hr shift I could not pick the girls up so my parents did (lucky for me I'm still stuck living here).

My poor babies... they look perfectly miserable. Their fuzz is all scruffed up and they're just sitting there. Poor Babies!! I feel bad that they're not feeling good, but I'm happy that the chances of them getting cancer now are less than 85%..... They just seem so miserable.......

My girls! Honey is white and Ginger is brown