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vampireifurita's Journal

answering questions that haven't been asked

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Uh...... I hate these things... hopefully I'll be able to change this later, but here's what I'm saying now:
Name: Sarah aka Iffy aka Bob
Interests: see Interests XP
Current obsessions: Supernatural! Bioshock, The Daily Show, Assassins Creed, Blackveil Forest
Randomness: I spend a lot of time playing with my girls, and teaching and working on various projects.

Fav quote: Olli: Okay! Who plays with whom?

{Sebastian and Lydia point to one another}

Olli: The Inseperables!

Christian: Hey! What does that make us then?

Olli: The Old Married Couple!

Judith: Rebecca and I?

Olli: The Bitches!

Gregor: And then there's us!
[Gregor and Louise have a discussion on how she's never played Foosball before]

Olli: Okay! Team Clueless!