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Fic title: Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?

Author name: vampireifurita

Artist name: mulanreflection

Genre: Gen, Wincest

Pairing: Dean/Sam, some background Castiel/Sam, Castiel/Crowley

Rating: R

Word count: 26,732

Warnings: horror, disturbing imagery, violence

Summary: After Sam sacrificed himself to save the world; Dean had gone to Lisa just as he’d been asked. Things had been just fine until he started hearing music that no one else could hear and things just go downhill from there. With no one to turn to, bear witness to man lost at sea, in the throes of grief and unexplainable music that haunts him much like the memories of his brother.


He was sitting in a diner the first time he came. He had been pushing around his food like it was his job. Suddenly he had company, the angel sitting across from him. He could only lift his eyes to stare at him, not exactly surprised, but not expecting the sudden visit.

“Cas,” he said, the name rolling off his tongue like a prayer. The angel’s head tilted to the side, seemingly curious by his reaction. His brows knitted in a mockery of a frown, face still so unused to expression.

“Dean,” he replied in that monotonous voice of his. His food was quickly getting cold, so he looked away from those dead blue eyes to concentrate on trying to eat.

They didn’t say anything more, sitting in silence in some ramshackle diner on some highway in the boondocks of the country. He tried to eat, but found that any appetite he had had was gone the second the angel appeared. He hadn’t seen the wayward angel since it had happened. And while he was glad that he was still around, he couldn’t help but wonder what brought him here. Their last meeting hadn’t been pleasant.

The angel had told him, the last time they had talked, that he had asked for this life. He didn’t remember asking to go on alone in the world, emotionally damaged. The angel had also told him that there was nothing he could do to help Bobby.

God had seemingly brought back his angel, but it was out of both of their powers to bring back his father figure. God didn’t care, he had made that much clear, but Cas didn’t have the kind of power needed to resurrect someone. It had hurt more than he’d cared to acknowledge, the fact that he would be practically alone in the world, all the people that he had loved were dead. Sure he cared about Cas, the frumpy angel had grown on him in the two years they’d known each other, but it wasn’t the same. He couldn’t talk to Cas like he could to Bobby, and he would never share the connection that had been between him and Sammy with the angel of the lord.

Wincing at the pain that just that name brought to him, he put his money on the Formica table and got up to leave, angel trailing behind.

“Why the sudden visit Cas?” he asked, turning to face the angel once they were at his car. Cas took a deep breath.

“I am concerned about your well being,” was the reply he got. Rolling his eyes, he got in his car. With a flap of wings the angel was in the passenger seat beside him.

“Don’t sit there,” he said, turning on the car. Cas blinked at him before reappearing in the back. “Thanks.”

“Why are you not with Lisa and Ben? I thought that was what you wanted?” ever blunt the angel was. Pursing his lips he didn’t even think about his answer, long days by himself making his mouth loose.

“Yeah, it really wasn’t. I promised I’d go to them, and when she wanted me gone, I left,” he replied, turning onto the highway.

~God if you can hear, can you help me and my friends?

We’ve been driving all night headed into dead ends. ~

Sighing as the music started up, he knew that he hadn’t turned on the radio. Looking back at the angel occupying his back seat, he knew that he was the only one hearing it. From the corner of his eye he could see the ghostly figure in the passenger seat, every time it appeared it became more solid, more real and more frightening. He didn’t want to know what would happen when it became whole.

“Dean,” the angel repeated, snapping him out of his daze.

“What?” he asked, glad for the interruption, his thoughts scaring him.

“I do not think that it is wise for you to be driving in this condition,” the angel replied. His face drew back in a sneer.

“Since when do you care about what’s good for me? You abandoned me, you ass,” he snapped.

“I apologize, but I truly thought it was for the best,” the angel told him.

“Yeah… fuck you too Cas,” he retorted.

“Perhaps I shall come back when you are in a better mood,” the angel said and flapped away.

“Yeah, you do that.”

Chapter 15
Tags: big bang '11, do you want the truth or something beaut, fanfiction, supernatural

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